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Below is information for libraries who get their email via the Co-op. Users are able to connect either via the provided webmail interface or else using a 3rd party client. Please note: the Co-op is only able to provide limited support for 3rd party clients, and the webmail interface is provided "as is."


To access your mail via the web, users should go to:

Your username is your full email address, usually: firstname.lastname@_DOMAIN_

Note you MUST include the full domain with your username.


Configure the identities associated with your account in Preferences -> Mail -> Personal Information

Ensure that the "Default Identity" is filled out with values if it is selected as default. Otherwise, fields like signature will not be configurable.

3rd Party Mail Client

In order to access your email via some other mail client, you will need to use the following settings:

Incoming Mail Server

Protocol: IMAP
TLS: StartTLS required
Port: 143 (optionally port 993 with pure SSL)

As with webmail, your new username will be your full email address, usually firstname.lastname@_DOMAIN_

You MUST include the full domain with your username.

POP3 service has been discontinued, you must use IMAP.

Outgoing Mail Server

Protocol: SMTP
Port: 587
SSL/TLS/StartTLS: StartTLS required
SMTP AUTH: supported, use LOGIN/PLAIN method

Below is a video done by Coop Support demonstrating configuration of Thunderbird for use with the Co-op mail servers. Thunderbird is only one of many possible third party clients. No endorsement or recommendation is intended, and the Co-op mail servers should work with any standards-based IMAP client.

Here is a brief set of instructions on configuring Mac Mail with the Co-op mail servers.

Got Problems?

If you have problems with your email account, please use another email service to contact us at, including your username and webmail URL.

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