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Resetting Your Password

Withe email provided by the Co-op, passwords must be reset via the webmail interface at

Setting Up Alternate Email to Reset/Recover Password

Once you have a co-op email account, you should configure it with an alternate account that can be used to recover/reset your password. To do this, once logged in at, under the Settings Wheel - Preferences select "Global Preferences"

Once on the Global Preferences page, select "Account Password"

and then on the resulting page, enter a secret question and answer and an alternate email address to use to recover this account (e.g. a home email account or something other than THIS account.)

Resetting Password if you still know it and can log in

If you still have your password but want to reset it, log in at, and under the menu item "Others" select "My Account" and then "Password"

Once you've got to this page, simply enter your old and new password. Do try to use passwords longer than 6 characters and that have a mix of lower and upper case and none-alphabetic symbols. Do not use information like your middle name or other easily guessable details.

What to do if you don't have an alternate account set up and have lost your account/worry it has been compromised?

In the case you have not set up an alternate account to recover/reset password, and cannot log into your account to reset it, please email or call the support desk at 1-888-848-9250 IMMEDIATELY and we can reset it for you.

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