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An Ethernet switch is the central hub that keeps your computers and devices connected through your wired network (including the WIFI access points). This allows you to connect printers, servers and computers to your network and transmit data between them.

You should always install managed switch devices supporting Gigabit Ethernet speeds that support at least 16 ports. If you provide WIFI services through more than one access point, the data switch should also support Power over Ethernet (PoE). Some possible makes and models to consider are:

  • Netgear Pro Safe
  • Dell Power Connect
  • Cisco Catalyst
  • HPE Aruba
  • Juniper Ex for mid-sized networks
  • Ubiquiti Unifi

Many of these devices can also act as the appliance base for Cybersecurity function in your network as well as controlling a WIFI service structure. The more functions you choose to bundle, the more you will rely on your network solution provider to support you over the long term.

Please note that there are many other brand names available without management services or support contracts. However this piece of infrastructure is too important to your organization to do without either.

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