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Please list questions about how to get the most out of the Coop wiki.


Removing a Page from a Menu

Typically, when you delete the contents of the page, you also delete that page unless it has children. If a page also appears in menu, however, you can't remove it by deleting the content: instead, move the page to namespace "z-archive". Only then will it disappear.

Subscribing to Wiki Changes

Subscribe to parts of – or the whole! – wiki to receive an email when someone makes changes to pages or namespaces. To subscribe:

  1. Navigate to the page or namespace to which you want to subscribe;
  2. On the right-hand menu which contains the main edit link on every page, find the envelope with the scroll-over text "Manage Subscriptions";
  3. Choose your preferences and click "Subscribe".
  4. Repeat for other pages or namespaces!

When getting too many search results, use the tricks listed here. Specifically useful may be:

You can search for exact phrases by putting double quotes around a set of words, e.g. [ "installing dokuwiki" ].

Search within a namespace (@)

You can restrict the search to namespaces. To search pages within a namespace, prefix @ or ns: to the namespace. To not search pages within a namespace, prefix ^ or -ns: to the namespace.

For example, the query [ dokuwiki @wiki ^wiki:docs ] will find pages which contain a word “dokuwiki” and are within “wiki” namespace but not within “wiki:docs” namespace. The query [ dokuwiki ns:wiki -ns:wiki:docs ] will do the same thing.

Note that you have to search a namespace (e.g. something that has a URL that ends in “:start”) — otherwise you are searching a page. So, searching with [ ns:public:nnels:etext:template-styles ] does not work, but searching in [ ns:public:nnels:etext ] most certainly does.


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