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Wiki as a Service

To Do for launch

Create New Animal

Customizing individual Animal

  • if using codo-wiki-updated theme, create doku.php/cooperative:topbar to get navbar; comment out cooperative space
  • create sidebar page at root
  • add VIU (or equiv logo); use colour R 0 G 57 B 95 (hex #00395F) to customize sidebar colours at .codowiki_west {background:} and #dokuwiki__sitetools{} and .codowiki_west_header{}.indexmenu_nojs ul.idx li a{} in css.php file

with customer before launch

  • determine TLD or subdomain approach
  • get logo if any, modify local css to match colour
  • determine basic users and groups for security
  • determine basic namespaces

To Share with new customer

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