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Microsoft Office 365 Migration Portal

These pages are for Co-op staff and contractors and will contain instructions and background on the Co-op's move to the Office 365 platform for email, calendaring, file sharing and collaboration.


The Co-op has been investigating a unified online office suite for many years in the hopes of improving upon the current set of un-integrated and often ad hoc practices we have now. It was hoped that we could land on an open source solution, however none was deemed to meet all requirements, and so ultimately in 2022 the decision was made to go with MS Office 365. Consultants were brought on board in October 2022 to help develop a migration strategy and plan, with the initial project commencing in earnest in December 2022. A more extensive timeline is available below as well as a more detailed Frequently Asked Questions section


Dates Step
Oct 2022 Co-op enmgages Sttevs and Associates asexternal consultants to assist with MS365 implementation
Dec 2022 Project Plan for MS365 implementation draft created
Dec 2022 First Co-op staff (SysOps) migrated to MS365 email
Jan 10 2023 Support Team migrated to MS365 email; onboarding and startup docs refined
Jan 24 & 31 2023 Rest of Co-op staff migrated to Ms365 Email
Feb 3 Co-op calendaring migrated to MS365
Feb-March Documents and collaboration for individual teams moved to MS365 environment on a team by team basis

Detailed Migration Instructions for Staff

Systems Group Working Docs (please ignore unless actually on systems team)

from Steeves

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