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Developing out the landing page for the Co-op's MS365 Instance


The "landing page" for the Co-op's entire MS365 deployment is This is a sharepoint site. Ideally, this site will serve the following goals

  1. Act as a "start page" for any Co-op staff or board member.
    1. If they only bookmark one URL it should be this, and from here they should then be able to access relevant Group and Teams sites
  2. Become the main source for Co-op staff to find out any "news" related to the Co-op
    1. (i.e. figure out relation between this site and "allstaff@" list)
    2. will we use the Calendar here?
  3. Access all relevant HR and Finance documents and policy
  4. Access all relevant internal IT resources
  5. Long-term become one of the primary informational portals through which new staff are onboarded to the Co-op


  • Site Owner - ED's Office (Kevin Millsip, Sharon Herbert)
  • IT Subsite Owner - Scott Leslie
  • Site Maintainers - David Ryland, Cimoan Atkins, Scott Leslie
  • Tech Support - Joanthan Schatz


Date Item/Task people
March 22 Kickoff Call All
March 23-29 Identify & gather existing content to port to new site Sharon, David, Cimoan, Scott
March 26-29 Jonathan create basic Sharepoint structure and pages Jonathan
March 29Sharepoint workshop Jonathan leading, Cimoan, David and Scott attending
March 29-April 14 Build out siteAll

Suggestions on Existing Content Sources to Port In to this new site

Additional Tasks

File remediation - please refer to files_remedation_list for links to pages on the Co-op web that need to have their links changed from Sync to MS365. The majority of these files should be in /Board/PUBLIC-DOCUMENTS channel - currently David does not have write access there but these should all be world readable.

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