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Migrating Files and Teamwork to Ms365

The second major phase of moving to MS365 will be moving over al of the various file sharing, collaborative authoring, and other collaborations to the new platform. Our plan is to do this on a team by team (and in some places Service by Service) way so as to give you the most amount of hands-on support we can

Remediating links - Sam ran a search on Co-op web and found the following links that will need to be edited to reflect the docs new locations (primarily Admin/ED's office)

Date/Week of Team or Service Team Lead Notes and Expected Outcomes
Feb 6 Sysops/Web/LibPress Scott Scott to migrate Gdrive Sysops and LibPress files; have already moved standing sysops meeting into Systems calendar;
Feb 13 Support Christine B Support have 2 calendars -Support and Training Events; latter needs to be sdhared outside of group with other traning leads (Christine W) and ideally could be visible to all staff
Feb 20 Sitka Christine B/Sharon
Feb 27 Management Scott
Feb 27 Admin ?
March 6 NNELS Kris
March 6 Licensing Tami
March 13 Board Kevin Millsip
March 13ff All StaffDavid, Scott, Sharon
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