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Admin Runbook - MS365 Users

From MS365 Admin Panel

- Sign in to with your administrator account.

  1. In the left column, select Users | Active Users.
  2. Click Add a user.
  3. Insert the user's name and ensure the display name is correct.
  4. Give the username firstname.lastname in the appropriate boxes, selecting the appropriate domain from or
  5. Select "Require this user to change their password when they first sign in".
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select "Create user without product license (not recommended)" – we assign a product license another way.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Next again.
  10. Click "Finish adding".
  11. Click Close.
  12. Select the username from the "Active users" list.
  13. Click on "Manage groups" under Groups.
  14. Click "Assign memberships".
  15. Select "Standard load" and click Add. This step assigns the user a license in our setup.
  16. Click the back arrow in the dialogue to return to the user info.
  17. Add any other Groups (e.g. Sitka/LibPress/NNELS Teams) they work with, if applicable.
  18. If staff, add them to the "Co-op Calendars" group to give access to shared internal calendars.
  19. Finally, ensure the user is auto-added to the All Staff group.

From Exchange Admin Panel

  1. Navigate to the Recipients - Mailboxes menu
  2. If the user has had the Business Premium license applied, they will be selectable in this list.
  3. Click "Manage email address types".
  4. Add an SMTP entry for for the migration.
  5. Click Save.

The user account is now ready to receive mail on from our mailserver. You will, of course, need to add a redirect to the end of /etc/mail/aliases.virtual, postmap(8) it, and do a `postfix reload` to make that happen.

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