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Converting MP3 to DAISY with Converter Plus

This page is the instructions for how to use Converter Plus (formally NAC). As this is an ongoing project, this page is subject to updates as we improve the application and workflow.

The purpose of Converter Plus is to perform a rapid DAISY conversion, requiring as little human intervention as possible. Moreover, all required interaction takes place in one simple phase, so operators need not return to the computer to complete a conversion. The interface is clean and simple, so is entirely accessible to screen readers. Independent of any particular device or platform, a conversion can be requested from virtually any web-capable device anywhere in the world. Finally, because the original audio files are not modified, the quality of the input tracks is not affected by a conversion.

The following are some links on general information:

Getting Started

Tickets for DAISY Audio conversion can be found in the Production queue in RT. These tickets begin with the title MP3 to DAISY. When you have completed a title, pass back the ticket the same way you would in your eText workflow. See Taking Tickets for more information.

Now to dive into using Converter Plus!

First, you will need to navigate to the Converter in your web browser.

  1. Enter the username Your First Name
  2. Select Login

You are now in your profile for Converter plus. On this page, you can choose to either Add a Book or open a current project in the dropdown menu labeled Project.

For Production Assistants, you can find the files for DAISY Audio conversion in either in the Audible folder in Unedited or there will be a note in the ticket to use Sideload a Book from the repository page in the NNELS collection.

Renaming and Reordering Tracks

Now that you have your book uploaded you can start making any necessary changes.

You should now be on the project page that displays the file name at the top of the page with the phrase is now open

Below you will find a list of options under What would you like to do?

    • This is where you build the DAISY structure for the Audiobook
    • Upon request, we can add additional tags to titles for a richer reading experience.
    • After you complete every project, you need to export the title and then pass it to Quality Assurance.
    • This option appears after you export. Multiple versions of a project can be downloaded.
    • Use this feature for any file issues specific to that project.
    • You have the option to change setting on a project, but will rarely need to do so.
    • You can remove a project from your profile, but only do so upon request. Remove the Project deletes it from the server.

Batch Mode

If you are working on multiple titles you can use batch mode to upload titles or export titles in batches. This feature has been created to save time, especially if you are working on a remediation project.

On the welcome screen, for your profile page, there is a button located just below your name and the Log Out link. This button is titled Turn on Batch Mode. This button is designed to save you time with downloading and exporting a large number of titles.

When you turn it on there is a beep to tell you it is on. The button will now read Turn off Batch Mode. This indicates it is on.

When you go to upload or export a book in batch mode, Converter Plus will tell you immediately that it is uploaded. This is a bit of a trick, as it is simply setting it up for batch mode.

When you go back to the welcome screen the button will now read Execute # of jobs. Press this button when you are ready to upload or export your titles. You can now close your browser, and when you come back the next day everything should be completed!

You can keep Converter Plus in batch mode as you work through the week and export all your books when you are done at the end of your workweek. If you realize you need to change something in a title, you can still do this before you execute jobs. If you need to make changes to a book after you select execute jobs, you must export the project again.
There is a new option in Change Account Settings for Use OverDrive Metadata when Downloading in Batch Mode. It has the same effect as the Use OverDrive Metadata checkbox on the Add a Book page, but is used when importing a downloaded book in batch mode. The default setting is on.

Quality Assurance Workflow

Each title needs to go through a quality assurance check before it can be downloaded and published. This section is for any staff assigned to QA.

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