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Exporting a Book and Passing to QA

When you finish a book you need to export the project and then pass it to QA for Quality Assurance.

Before a project has been exported, there will be text near the top of the main project page that reads: This project has not yet been exported.

Below are links for further instructions:

    • Instructions include how to export, how and when to compress a file, how and when to reset an export, and how to re-export after any project revisions. This option does not appear until you have finished your book and saved the metadata.
    • Instructions include how to pass to QA and receiving Requested Revisions from QA
    • Instructions for Production Assistants on what to do with the RT Ticket after completing a COP project.
Make sure that you have gone through all the steps to reorder and rename the tracks as needed, and you have double-checked your work before you export. It is very important that we are naming the sections correctly, and this is the time to just take a moment to go over your work before exporting. See QA Checklist help you ensure you finished all the steps
If you are a Production Assistant, remember to also pass the RT ticket back to the Production Coordinator after you export the book and pass it to QA.
All correspondence within COP are recorded within the projects Feedback Log. See Revision Requests from QA, Emails, and Feedback Log for further instructions.
Sometimes the file can not be compressed to fit on a CD. If this is the case:
  1. A phrase on the export page will read: This project is too large to fit on a single CD. Unfortunately, no audio presets are available to make it so. Before continuing, please explore external compression options that may reduce the number of CD's required.
  2. Select Export as usual without compression. For more information go to Export
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