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Glossary for Access Keys on Converter Plus

This page is a work in progress. Please let Rachel know if you have any suggestions that are not on this list. We can also add these as notes to their respective pages throughout the wiki. You can also add it to the post in the COP Request Tracker. The post can be found under the Wishlist section and is titled: "Glossary for Access Keys"

Many of the shortcut keys in Converter Plus use browser access keys. These are made up of a key along with one or more modifiers. The modifiers vary among different browsers and operating systems. The modifiers are alt or alt + shift. On Mac, the modifiers in Chrome are control + option or control + shift + option.

The shortcuts are organized by page and function and for Chrome on Windows.

Open project page

Export: alt+shift+e (for this shortcut, alt+e does not work since it opens the Chrome menu)

Set Play Order

Play Preview: alt+p

Track discovery

Heading text boxes: alt+number, for example alt+1 for heading 1 Advance: alt+a

Split Track

Play: alt+p Position slider: alt+s Back 0.2 Second: alt+shift+2 Forward 0.2 Second: alt+2 Back 1 Second: alt+shift+1 Forward 1 Second: alt+1 Back 5 seconds: alt+shift+5 Forward 5 seconds: alt+5 Update: alt+u Preview from Split Point: alt+r

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