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Sideload a Book

If you are working on an OverDrive title. Please see the OverDrive Add New Book for instructions.

You can upload a book by using the download URL on the records page in our repository.

  • Navigate to the records page for the title you wish to download
  • Copy the URL for the records page for that title
  • Paste that link in the URL text box in Converter Plus
  • Select Get
  • Once it is done select Return to Project
  • The title will now be in the menu of your projects

If the URL does not work you can use the download link. To do this:

  • Navigate to the record page through the URL in the spreadsheet
  • Navigate to the MP3 download link
  • Right click and select 'Copy Link Address'
  • Paste to the Sideload box on the Add Book Page
  • Select Get
  • Once you get the Done notification refresh the page
  • You can now Import the book from the top of the page. See Import Project for more instructions.

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