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Pass to QA (Quality Assurance)

If you have applied any changes to the title since the first time you exported, you will have to re-export the title.

You will get a pop up dialogue box that reads: This project has been modified since it was exported. Are you sure you want to send it to QA check?

Select the Cancel button and re-export the project. See How to Re-Export a Project in Converter Plus After Applying Changes from QA for instructions.

If you select the OK button, you will be sent to the Move Project page. At the top of the page a phrase will read: "You're about to send (project name) to QA. # phrases detected per minute. Export is # MB. This project has been changed since it was last exported. Please export it before sending to QA check or downloading the accessible edition."

You will need to re-export the project. See How to Re-Export a Project in Converter Plus After Applying Changes from QA for instructions.

Once you have exported a title a new option will appear on the main project page under What would you like to do?. It is the 6th option in the list. We pass all finished titles to QA for the title to go through Quality Assurance to ensure everything is properly renamed in the tracks, and that the metadata is correct.

To pass to QA:

  • Select option Send to QA on the main project page. This will be below the option to Download the Accessible Edition
  • Once you select this option you will be taken to a page that reads: You're about to send TitleOfProject to QA.
  • Below is a text box with the default text that reads: Revisions have been completed on this title, ready for another review. Note: This text box may not appear the first time a book is sent to QA.
  • There is no need to edit or add to this default text
  • Select Submit
  • The page will update and let you know it has been passed to QA. Plain text will read: Title of Project has been moved, along with your feedback. The following report has been sent to QA.
  • Select Return Home to go back the welcome page and start your next project!

Here is a video tutorial about How to Pass to QA

All correspondence within COP are recorded within the projects Feedback Log. See Revision Requests from QA, Emails, and Feedback Log for further instructions.
After you send a title to QA it will be removed from your project list and moved to the QA account project list. Do not re-upload the book, because it still exists on the server. It is simply in another account. If you re-upload a book that is already on the server it will cause an error in Converter Plus. If you remember you forgot to do something for the title, just email the Production Coordinator.

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