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Change Account Settings

On this page you will find instructions on how to change your account settings.

These settings are for your overall account profile. If you want to change settings for a specific title you are working on go to Change Project Settings

When you first log into your account you will find your name on the top left corner of the screen. Beside your name is an arrow that opens a collapsable menu. Select this arrow to open the menu. On this menu you will find the following options:

  1. Log Out
  2. Change Account Settings
  3. Help (opens new tab)

Go to Change Account Settings to navigate to the Account Settings page. At the top of the page are the main settings you can change. These are listed below. At the bottom of the page there are two sections for Batch Mode settings:

General Settings for Account Settings

At the top of the first section there is a line of text that reads: Fill in the information below and press Set. Below this there are ten options you can change:

  1. Email: text box to enter and update your email assigned to your account
  2. Play Tones: checkbox to turn off and on tones that play after a function in the application. For example, you will hear a tone when a title is finished uploading. Select this checkbox to turn on
  3. Automatically Correct Capitalization and Spacing: checkbox to turn on and off the auto-capitalization across Converter Plus.
  4. Use OverDrive Metadata when Downloading in Batch Mode: checkbox to turn on and off the feature to use OverDrive Metadata when using batch mode. Select this checkbox to turn on for when you are working with OverDrive files.
  5. Adjust OverDrive Markers Using Silences in Audio: This option is designed to correct the positions of OverDrive markers in the MP3 metadata. It moves markers to nearby silences in the audio. It is disabled by default. If a book has a lot of clipped tracks, you can turn this feature on and reimport the title. Note: It can cause issues with some books, so only use it as needed.
  6. Preview Length for Set Play Order and Track Naming: number entry field to set the number of seconds to preview tracks on the Set Play Order and Track Naming pages. The range is between 1 and 60 seconds. The default is 5.
  7. Autoplay After Scanning Track: you can control the autoplay after scanning a track on the Scan Page. This is a dropdown list with 3 options: Off, Preview, and Play.
    1. Off: Audio does not play
    2. Preview: A preview is played, and the playback position is set to the suggested split position. The length of the preview is controlled with the Preview Length setting.
    3. Play: The track begins playing at the suggested split position.
  8. Enable Player Preview for Split Track and Tag Elements: checkbox to turn on preview. This feature lets you listen to a short piece of the audio when moving through a track. It is used on the Split Track and Tag Elements pages. Previews will be played when using the buttons to move back and forward through a track. You do not need to listen to the entire preview before pressing one of these buttons again to continue moving through the track. If you are setting the split position or marking the position of an element, ensure the preview has stopped playing before you press the button to set the position.
  9. Preview Length for Split Track and Tag Elements: allows you to select the length of the preview, in a range from one to five seconds. A value of two or three seconds works well when moving in small increments to fine-tune the playback position
  10. Confirm Adding Producer's Note Before Editing Metadata: Turns on and off notifications for adding a Producer's Note track to the project.

Once you are finished press the Set button at the bottom of the page to save changes.

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