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Change Account Settings

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On this page you will find instructions on how to change your account settings.

These settings are for your overall account profile. If you want to change settings for a specific title you are working on go to Change Project Settings

When you first login to you account you will find your name on the top left corner of the screen. Beside your name is an arrow that opens a collapsable menu. Select this arrow to open the menu. On this menu you will find the following options:

  1. Log Out
  2. Change Account Settings
  3. Help(opens new tab)

Go to Change Account Settings to navigate to the Account Settings page. On this page there is a line of text that reads: Fill in the information below and press Set. Below this there are six options you can change:

  1. Email: text box to enter and update your email assigned to your account
  2. Play Tones: checkbox to turn off and on tones that play after a function in the application. For example, you will hear a tone when a title is finished uploading. Select this checkbox to turn on
  3. Enable Preview in Audio Player:
  4. Preview Length:
  5. Autoplay After Scanning Track: checkbox to turn on and off the played on the split page to automatically play. Select this checkbox to turn on.
  6. Use OverDrive Metadata when Downloading in Batch Mode: checkbox to turn on and off the feature to use OverDrive Metadata when using batch mode. Select this checkbox to turn on for when you are working with OverDrive files.
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