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Change Project Settings

On this page you can change the settings on your open project. See Heading Gap below for how to adjust this setting for scanning a track to split a track.

On the top of the page there is text that reads: Below are the current settings for your book. Make any desired changes, then press Save.

You have three options to edit in the section as follows:

  1. Silence Threshold: Detects the level of background noise (for example, an audible hiss or hum). If a track has a lot of background noise it can cause issues with the scanning for silences. If you adjust this it will help find splits for tracks with background noise. It also can impact the quality of the phrase navigation for the exported audio if it is set too low or too high. The default of -30 is the best setting for commercially produced audiobooks.
  2. Sentence Gap: is specified in milliseconds and determines how much silence must be detected in order for it to count as phrase navigation. A value of 300 is usually perfect, but you may need to decrease this for faster narrators or increase it slightly for slower readers in order to achieve the best results.
  3. Heading Gap: Length of silence for scanning for recommended split points. The heading gap is measured in milliseconds. You can increase this for longer silences, or decrease it for shorter silences. If there are shorter pauses and they are not being picked up by the automatic scan, try a smaller value like 800 or 600. You can continue decreasing it as needed. 500 corresponds to 0.5 seconds. The tradeoff is that as you decrease the value, the results will likely also include more silences within chapters. If chapter breaks are longer than 1 second, you can try a bigger value like 1500 or 2000 to not include shorter silences. For reference, 1500 corresponds to 1.5 seconds and 2000 to 2 seconds.

Below these setting is a section titled Project Details. This area lists the specs for your open project and include:

  • Size
  • Runtime
  • Encoding
  • LastModified
  • Compression
  • ExportFilename
  • Operator
After saving settings, the message at the top of the project page changes. For example, the complete message would change to something similar as the following: No phrases were detected and no elements are tagged.. Export is 69 MB. This project has been changed since it was last exported. Please export it before sending to QA check or downloading the accessible edition.

Simply export the title again to update. See How to Re-Export a Project in Converter Plus After Applying Changes from QA for instructions.

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