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Batch Mode: Sideloading and Exporting Titles in Batches

If you are working on multiple titles you can use batch mode to sideload titles or export titles in batches. This feature has been created to save time, especially if you are working on a remediation project.

To use Batch Mode for Sideloading:

  • On the Welcome Page, for your profile page, there is a button located just below your name. This button is titled Turn on Batch Mode.
  • When you turn it on there is a beep to tell you it is on. The button will now read Disable Batch Mode. This indicates it is on. Note: You can turn the beep on and off in Account Settings
  • Sideload as usual. When you go to sideload or export a book in batch mode, Converter Plus will tell you immediately that it is uploaded or finished. This is a bit of a trick, as it is simply setting it up for batch mode.
  • Refresh your screen and continue adding titles until you are done.
  • When you go back to the Welcome Page the button will now read Execute # of jobs and there will be a collapsible list titled: View Jobs. On this list you can view all the titles you added to your list in Batch Mode.
  • Select Execute # of Jobs when you are ready to sideload or export your titles.
  • You can now close your browser, and when you come back the next day everything should be completed! Including importing!

To use Batch Mode for Exporting Titles:

  • When you are done converting your titles you can add them to batch mode to export them all at once!
  • On the Welcome Page, for your profile page, there is a button located just below your name. This button is titled Turn on Batch Mode.
  • Select Turn on Batch Mode. Same steps as above.
  • Open the title you wish to export
  • On the main title page, select Export Project. Go to Export Project for more details.
  • Just like with sideloading, the title will say it is done fairly quickly and let you know it was added to your jobs list.
  • Select Return to Project
  • Select Return to Home Page
  • You will now notice that your title has been added to the Batch List. The button will have changed to Execute # of Jobs and you will have access to the View Jobs list.
  • Repeat steps until you are ready to export your batch!
  • When exporting, you can keep Converter Plus in batch mode as you work through the week and export all your books when you are done at the end of your workweek.
If you realize you need to change something in a title after you added it to an export batch, you can still do this before you execute jobs. If you need to make changes to a book after you select execute jobs, you must export the project again.
If you upload a file from your computer in Batch Mode the file is added to your import list. When you import, it is then added to the queue for Batch Mode.
When you import a book in batch mode, there is no link to open the project, since the project isn't imported until the batch is processed. Instead, there is a link back to the Add a Book page.
You can use OverDrive metadata during Batch Mode. You can turn this function on in your Account Settings.

The following video is a tutorial on How to Use Batch Mode to Sideload and Export Multiple Titles:

Errors in Batch Mode

During Batch Mode, if there were any errors, the error will be listed followed by an Okay button. When this happens, do the following:

  • Make note of the title and error
  • Select Okay
  • Pressing the Okay button dismisses the errors, removes the title from the batch, and you will be taken to the Welcome Page
  • All the titles are now imported except the ones with errors.
  • Email the title and error to the Production Coordinator

The following sections will tell you how to manage and report different types of common errors in Batch Mode.

If the you receive and error that is not covered below, please email the Production Coordinator with the error message, title, and steps that lead to the error.

Common Errors and Solutions

In this section, you will find two common errors that can be fixed on the user end, as well as what to do if you get stuck in Batch Mode. You do not need to email the Production Coordinator when you get these errors.

If the error is Cannot find record. Confirm the URL is to the book record page. do the following:

  • This usually happens when the link no longer exists (i.e. 404 Error). You will need to confirm the URL.
  • Navigate to
  • make sure you are logged in
  • manually search for the title and copy the updated URL
  • Use this new URL to Sideload the title

The following is a video for how to deal with the Cannot find record Error:

If the error is # MP3 versions found. Please use the direct download URL to add this book do the following:

  • If there are zero MP3's then contact the Production Coordinator
  • If there are 2 MP3 versions then follow the directions in the error message:
    • Navigate to the Records page for the title
    • Make sure you are logged into
    • Use the direct download URL to manually sideload the title:
      • Select the direct download link for one MP3
      • Right click to open the pop up menu
      • Select Copy Link Address
      • Use this link to sideload the title
    • Either MP3 on the record page will work, as they are duplicates
    • Remember, you will have to update the Metadata for these ones

The following is a tutorial on how to deal with the # MP3 Version found Error:

If the error is: Error: Failure, the server said: NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist (followed by directory and file name) do the following:

  • Make note of the full error message
  • Report to the Production Coordinator
  • Select Okay and the rest of the Batch should continue
If there are any other error messages that have an Okay button that are not listed above report this issue to the Production Coordinator. Please make sure to include the title and error message.
The most recent listing of errors is available to the Developer. If you dismiss the errors and realize you missed making note, report the issue to the Production Coordinator before running another batch.

When Batch Mode Gets Stuck

If there is an error that causes Batch Mode to get stuck, or the batch pauses for more than 2 minutes, please do the following:

  • Try to select the Cancel button to clear the error.
  • If successful, it will load the Welcome Page.
  • Go to Account Settings Page and Restart a Failed Batch.

The following video is a tutorial on How to Restart a Failed Batch:


How to Report a Stuck Job: If Cancel Button Does Not Work

When there is an error in Batch Mode, or the batch pauses for more than 2 minutes, and you can not get the Cancel button to work, you can report the issue using the Report Stuck Job link after the Cancel button.

  • Select the link Report Stuck Job
  • This will take you to a new page with a form to report the problem.
  • The job that is running, its status, and error message will be listed, followed by a Comment text box.
  • Enter any other details you wish to include in the text box
  • Press the Submit Report button. This sends the report to both the Production Coordinator and the Developer.
  • You will now be on a thank you page saying the report was logged in the request tracker.

The Production Coordinator and Developer will let you know as soon as the error is fixed and when you will be able to restart your work. Please do not work in COP until you have been contacted with confirmation the error is fixed.

All issues will be worked on in order of submission. It can take 48-72 hours to fix an issue depending on when it is submitted. The Production Coordinator and the Developer will contact you once the issue is resolved.

The following video is a tutorial on Report a Stuck Job:

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