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Converter Plus Workflow Checklist

On this page you will find a general overview of your workflow.

This list is in order of how you rename the average project in Converter Plus. If you have any questions please use the Hand to Rachel function or post a question on the Q&A Page
Not every step is on this list, so remember to refer to the wiki pages for more information. This list includes only the most common steps you need to take. When in doubt, ask on the Q&A Page

To convert an MP3 Audiobook to DAISY Audio:

  • Upload and import an audiobook. For more instructions go to Adding a New Book.
  • Once the book is imported you should be taken to the Project Page. If not, open the book from the Project dropdown menu on the Welcome Page. To learn more about each option on the Project Page go to the section After You Uploaded a Book: Project Page
  • Select the first option on the Project Page labelled Set Play Order.
  • Listen to the first and last track of the book to see if there are multiple section within each track.
  • Use the player and the dropdown menu in the Play Order section at the top of the Set Play Order page to select, preview, and listen to individual tracks.
  • If there is more than one section in a track you will need to split the track. For example:
    • The first track can can sometimes include a Title Page, Dedication, Epigraph, Introduction, etc.. Learn more about audiobook sections at Audiobook Glossary
    • The second track can sometimes include the Last Chapter, Epilogue, Sign Off, Preview, etc.. Learn more about audiobook sections at Audiobook Glossary
    • Sometimes other tracks will need to be split. When in doubt, Hand to Rachel
  • If Tracks need to be split, use Split Page to scan, split, update and name split track.
  • Delete any Preview Tracks
  • If Tracks are out of order, reorder tracks
  • Use Track Naming to rename tracks in order and set heading hierarchy
  • After tracks are named and in correct order, go to Edit All Track Names to make any final edits on heading names and adjust any heading levels as needed.
  • After you are happy with your work, go to the Final Check: Metadata to edit and add missing Metadata.
  • Export the Book and Pass to QA. If you are a Production Assistant, also pass the RT ticket to the Production Coordinator.
If the project is sent back from QA for changes, do the changes, and then re-export project to save changes, send back to QA. Any file issues use Hand to Rachel

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