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How to Manage and Download Titles in Batches

When you are managing a large project with dozens of titles, the Batch Downloader is a useful tool to help expedite your work. You can mark all the titles for download, run the downloader program on your computer, and then work on other priorities as all the titles download in a single batch onto a folder on your computer!

You also have the option to Download a Single Title. This option only downloads one title at a time.
This function is only available in the QA account.

Before you get started you will need to download the Batch Downloader Client.

To download the program to your computer:

  • The program is linked under the account menu for admin accounts and QA.
  • Download the file for Windows or mac, and unzip it.
  • It downloads projects from the QA account to a projects folder by default, but you can change these if you want. There's information in the readme file included in the zip file
  • Extract it.
  • Right click removeQuarantine.command and choose open. You'll get a confirmation about running untrusted software. Allow it to run. You should get a terminal window with a message about removing the quarantine attribute.
  • Close the terminal once it's done.

The configuration is set to download from QA to the projects folder. You can change the path in copdl.ini if you want, otherwise leave as is.

The removeQuarantine step only needs to be done the first time after you extract it. You can just run copdl the next time and it should download the next batch.

Next you will need to Manage the titles and Mark them for Download.

To Manage Titles:

  • Log into the QA account
  • Select the navigation link Manage Projects at the bottom of the page
  • This will take you to the Manage Projects Page
  • Select the title you wish to QA and Download
  • QA the title with the QA Checklist
  • Once the title passes QA navigate back to the Project Page for that title
  • Select Mark for Download from the list of options (it is the sixth option in the list.)
  • This will take you back to the Manage Projects page
  • Repeat until you have marked all the titles you wish to download

Once you have finished the QA and Mark for Download process for all the titles, you are ready to run the Batch Downloader on your computer. Keep the browser window open to the Manage Projects page during this process.

To run the Batch Downloader:

  • Navigate to the copdl folder on your computer
  • Open the copdl into your Terminal (This can be down with a double click)
  • This will automatically run the program and download the files from the QA account into the folder on your computer
  • Once it is finished, there will be a message in your terminal window that reads: # of # downloads completed. logout
  • Close the Terminal window
Sometimes the program will stall, or quit in the middle of a batch. If this happens, just close the terminal window, and reopen the program again. If it is happening often, reach out to the developer for support.

Now all the files have been downloaded to the projects subfolder on your computer. You can now clear the downloads from the QA Account.

To clear the downloads:

  • Stay on the Manage Projects page and refresh your browser
  • The status for all the titles will update to Downloaded
  • Navigate down to the Delete Downloaded Projects section
  • There is now a list of all the titles you downloaded
  • Select the Remove Downloaded Projects button
  • This will remove the files from Converter Plus

Here is a video tutorial on How to Manage Projects and Use the Batch Downloader.

You will have to manually upload all titles to our server via Cyberduck. There is limited access to the server, so this job is mainly for supervisor and coordinator positions.
You can use the filter at the top to limit the listing to one of the following: All, Exported, Mark for Download, or Downloaded.
If a DAISY project is marked for download but then is modified, it won't be downloaded when you download the batch.
When you run it, it creates a log file that lists the projects that are downloaded. This is overwritten each time it is run. You likely don't need to do anything with this in most cases unless something doesn't work properly, and then it may help to include the contents in a bug report. On the server, it also logs the list of projects that are available for download and when each is completed, but any errors in the client aren't sent back to the server.
There's no way to cancel a batch in progress except with a keyboard interrupt command, but you can leave the terminal window open in the background while you do something else.

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