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Communication and Project Workflow

After you have concluded your onboarding and training you will be assigned 30 titles a week.

Rachel will upload a spreadsheet to your dropbox that contains the URL links and the titles of your assigned books for that week. Please follow the instructions below for how to sideload a title.

If you come across an error message, stop your work. Email Rachel the full name of the project, exactly what you did to cause the error and a full copy-paste of the error. It is important that you do not paraphrase the error message, as we will need the exact wording to know what the issue is. You will have to put your Converter Plus work on hold until we solve the error.

If you have an issue with the file, such as it is not divided into proper chapters, you can pass the book to Rachel without exporting it. Please see below in Hand to Rachel for more info.

Any questions or concerns around your work beyond this you can email Rachel directly.

It is important you go through this documentation and process carefully. This project is all about paying attention to detail and asking questions if anything is confusing.

When you have finished a book you will export it and Send to QA to Check. The directions on how to do this are below. If there are any errors in a title you worked on, it will be passed back to you and you will receive a message on what you need to fix. If anything is unclear in this message, please reach out to Rachel directly and she will walk you through how to make the proper changes.

It is important we move slower at the beginning of this process to make sure you understand every step. Rachel is here to help you learn and answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to reach out if you are stuck or unsure of something. NNELS aims for high quality in output, and the work you are doing is directly helping our patrons have better access to audiobooks. You should take pride in the work and feel good you are part of this essential piece of our library.
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