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Examples: Multiple Images

On this page you will find examples of for Multiple Image descriptions.

These are examples only. Context is key! It will always influence how you describe an image. For full instructions on how to write see Multiple Images: Two Page Spreads, Images in Sequence and Grouped Images and General Guidelines.
You can find more information and examples on Grouped Images in Children's Books
If you have any questions, post your question on the Alt-Text Q&A

Below is a page from the book Winking at Life. This is a good example of two images grouped together.

[Alt-text] Two images side by side. In the first image, Wink and a female dancer stand in front one another before a hat kiosk. They put hats on one another's heads and smile. Wink wears a striped cardigan, black slacks, dress shoes, and a plain black brimmed hat. The dancer had a light skin tone and blonde hair. She wears a sleeveless dress with a striped mini skirt, white gloves, runners, and a white brimmed hat with a large feather on top. In the second image, Wink and the dancer ride a carnival ride. They sit on a metal bench with a metal gate clasped over their laps. They are raised up in the air, and their feet dangle below them. They both smile down at the camera and the dancer waves.

The next example is for repeated images. The first image appears at the beginning of the book, and the second image appears near the end of the book. The examples are from the poetry book A Thousand Times You Lose Your Treasure by Hoa Nguyen

[Alt text for first instance] All images in this book are in black and white. A photograph of a Vietnamese woman performing a stunt on a motorcycle. She rides on a dirt road surrounded by open fields. She stands on the motorcycle with one foot on the foot peg and the other propped over the front tire. She rests her elbow on the raised knee with her chin on her hand. She wears a striped blouse with a white collar and cuffs that match her white gloves, along with tight pants that end at her calves, and white shoes. Her long dark hair flows loosely behind her.

[Alt text for repeated image] Same woman as the first image in the book. She continues to ride her motorcycle down the dirt road with one foot on the foot rest, and the other the other propped over the front tire. She raises her arms outstretched to either side.

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