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Dealing with Multiple Images

Muliple images include:

  • Images that go over two pages
  • Images in Sequence
  • Grouped Images: Multiple Images grouped together (usual in pairs)
Go to Writing Tip: Using Point Form Technique for a breakdown on how you can start the writing process

Two Page Images

Sometimes images can go over two pages. In the print version this may appear as a single image, but screenreaders will pick it up as two separate images.

  • Describe both pages in the first image’s Alt-text
  • Leave the Alt-text in the second image empty and select the check box below the Alt-text box for Mark as decorative.
The workflow for Picture Books is different. Go to Children’s Books section for more information

If it is an image that also requires a long description:

  • follow this same procedure
  • add the link to the long description below the first image
  • If the second image has a caption enter See previous image for description into it's Alt-text. Otherwise, select Mark as decorative.

Here is a tutorial:

If you have any questions, post your question on the Alt-Text Q&A

Images in Sequence

An image in a sequence is when there is a group of images that are very similar with only slight variations. A good example is from DAISY with a group of paintings of a decaying castle. Follow this link to view the example.

If you have an image in a sequence:

  • only fully describe the image in the first instance.
  • In all the proceeding images, only describe what is different.

This can also occur in Children’s Picture Books, and should be treated the same way except the entire image description goes into the single image.

If you have any questions, post your question on the Alt-Text Q&A

Grouped Images

Sometimes you will have images that are grouped together. This is not a collage, a collage is an artistic medium. Grouped images tend to have a single caption for both images.

If you have a group of images, they will be combined into a single image file. This means the Alt-text needs to set up the fact that it is a group of images.

Structure the description as follows:

  • Begin with Two images side-by-side or Two images on top of each other whatever you choose make sure to establish how many images there are and what order they are in.
  • Start with the first image in reading order (i.e. on the left, or on the top)
  • Describe each image as its own description, but begin with the location of the image: On the left or On the top or even In the first image, …
You may need to sacrifice some details in order to prevent the image description from being too long and to avoid cognitive overload. If the context of the image calls for more detail, then you can use the long description. Remember this always depends on context. If in doubt, post a question on the Q&A

Repeated Images

Sometimes you will come across the same image repeated more than once in a publication. This can be more common in Children's Books.

When you come across a repeated image:

  • Describe the first image fully as per the image type and guidelines
  • Begin the second image with a reference to the first, and then add very brief description
    • For example: Same image from chapter two. then a simple general description of the image. You can use your first description and just edit it down shorter.
For examples, see Examples Multiple Images
If you have any questions, post your question on the Alt-Text Q&A

Q&A Archive

Q: In 500 years of Indigenous resistance, at the beginning of the section "Extermination and Assimilation" there is an image of 5 maps that spans across two pages, so the map in the middle is divided in two. In the alt-text of the second map image I've stated that it is a continuation of the previous image" as the wiki instructs. My concern is, in the document, the first part of the map image is placed before the section heading, so the two parts of the image are in two different sections. Is this an issue?

A: Great Question! You can move the first map just below the heading so they are in the same section.

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