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Examples: Skin tone, Age, and Gender

On this page you will find examples for Skin tone, Age and Gender.

These are examples only. Context is key! It will always influence how you describe an image. For full instructions on how to write see Skintone, Age and Gender and General Guidelines.
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[Alt-text] Two young girls stand beside each other and smile in the sunlight. There is a green leafy bush in the background. They both look directly into the camera. They both have a light skin tone. One girl has blonde hair in pigtails and wears a white dress, and the other has long loose brown hair and wears a green dress.

The top half of this image is a photograph of a little girl and her mother and father sitting together on a couch and looking at an iPad. They both have medium-dark skin tones and smile. On the bottom half of this image, there is an illustration of a little girl with red, braided hair and glasses. She has a light skin tone and wears a yellow dress with a yellow and red pattern across it over top of a blue, long-sleeved shirt. She holds one finger in front of her face as if she is about to ask a question, and in the other hand she holds a cell phone.

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