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Editing MARC in Evergreen Staff Client

Fixed Field Example

The Giver quartet by Lois Lowry - barcode 35246000832277 at Fort Nelson.

  • Will be retrieved by the Teen Fiction criteria because it has values for Type: a, Form: r, Audn: d and LitF 1.
  • This record's Date Active timestamp falls on 2014-09-11 12:10 PM which will place it in October's Teen Fiction list (see below).

Booklist Builder Criteria

  • LibPress booklists rely on two groups of metadata to be populated: fixed field values in the 008 that feed into Evergreen's search filters as well as the date a bib record became active (changed status to Available) in a particular catalogue.
  • Often times one or more fixed field values will be incorrect or not filed (namely Audn) and will return no recent records, leading to empty lists.
Currently a bug is preventing space values for Form from being indexed in EG, these should be catalogued with r (print production) to ensure they are added to lists properly

Fixed Field (008) Values

Book List Item Type (Type) Audience (Audn)Item Form (Form) Literary Form (LitF)
Adult Fiction a, te, gr, space or no code*1, f, j
Adult Non-fictiona, te, gr, space or no code*0, e, i, s
Adult Large Printa, te, gd-
Adult DVDge, g--
Adult Musicje, g--
Teen Fictiona, tdr, space or no code*1, f, j
Teen Non-fictiona, tdr, space or no code*0, e, i, s
Juvenile Fictiona, tj, b, c, ar, space or no code*1, f, j
Juvenile Non-fictiona, tj, b, c, ar, space or no code*0, e, i, s
Juvenile DVD/CDg, jj, b, c, a--

*No code is represented as a bar character: |

Date Active

Date Active is viewable from the Item Status → Show Item Details context menu

  • Date Active must occur within the last month to be included in the current month's lists.
  • For example, items with a Date Active timestamp that falls in August will appear in the New Items list for September.
  • Date Active is set when the Status of a record changes to Available for the first time.
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