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SysOp: Change Request & Problem Reporting Process

As of March 2014, the system administrators are trying to track all changes needed, so that we don't lose things. This page attempts to capture the processes and available options, but is by no means anywhere even near complete. Templates are here to help include all the parts of a request needed.

This page is deliberately publicly visible at public:tech-change-request, so we can link external partners to it. Please ensure no private/secret items are ever included!


For all entries here, unless otherwise noted, please either email, or create a ticket in the SysOp RT queue.

Email (New accounts/aliases)

  • Subject: Email: New account: $ADDRESS

Example #1

Subject: Email: New account:

Bart is working for the library this summer to redesign our webpage.
Please create an email account for him under our domain.

Name: Bart Simpson

Example #2

Subject: Email: New alias:

We'd like a generic address to forward to the librarian instead of putting Bart's name on the website.

Forward to:

Email (Problems)

  • Subject: Email: $summary
    • $summary should be a very short explanation of the change, ideally not more than 30 characters
    • eg: From address is broken, Webmail display broken
  • Body should contain:
    • Email address/username on system
    • description of the problem
    • attached bounced emails or full error messages
      • Including full headers on the emails and messages is really helpful in solving problems


Subject: Email: From address broken on outgoing email

Please help, the from address is broken on outgoing email.
It's going out with:
It should be:



  • Subject: DNS Change Request: $summary
    • $summary should be a very short explanation of the change, ideally not more than 30 characters
  • Body must contain
    • Old hostname (if modify or delete)
    • New hostname (if modify or add)
    • Other DNS details if applicable (CNAME, A, MX, etc)

DNS Example

Subject: DNS Change Request: Forwarding for Lillooet library
Please adjust DNS for forwarding:




New staff onboarding accounts

  • Please note that all usernames going forward will be created as ASCII firstname.lastname
    • Hyphens are valid
    • Accents should be dropped
    • Other characters should be transliterated: eg ö ⇒ oe


Subject: Accounts for new staff member JOHN.PUBLIC

Please create accounts for new staff member.
Name: John Public
Role: System Administrator
Username: john.public
Start Date: 2014/04/01
Contact information: …
External email: john@public.domain
External phone: 555-123-4567

Services: Email, Wiki, RT, (etc)

Boss Person

S3 storage


SSH access


Firewall changes


VM requests


SSL certificates

If an SSL certificate needs renewing, or you need a new CSR to renew the certificate yourself, this is the request for you.

  • Subject: SSL Certificate: $summary
    • $summary should be a very short explanation of the change, ideally not more than 30 characters
  • Body needs to contain
    • Domain/Hostname
    • System(s) to be deployed on
    • Location of existing RSA keys
If prompted for a technical contact in buying your SSL certificate, please use hostmaster@domain, and ensure that you have working inbound email for that address beforehand.

SSL certificate example

Subject: SSL Certificate:


Please provide a new CSR for host, based on the existing RSA key.

We will use as the technical contact for domain confirmation.


GitHub Access

This is for access to the BCLibCoop organization account at GitHub, or repositories contained therein. TODO


  • The request for short subject lines is to make them easier to scan in the RT interface and email clients, based on the Git commit subject line convention of 50 characters per subject.
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