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Wikis For Better Collaboration and Learning

VILSC 2018
Scott Leslie
BC Libraries Cooperative


  • Who are you?
  • Do you currently wiki? If not - why not?
  • Who am I?

Some things about the Coop

  • We're not a library.
  • We have a lot of tech-savvy people on staff.
  • We do open source as exclusively as possible
  • We are super cost-aware, don't like to spend when we don't have to

Why Wiki?


  • Open source, mature, lots of plugins -
  • Document based, not database
  • Git backed, which means key staff can have an offline version of the wiki on their laptops
  • Ability to move pages and namespaces (means you don't have to get it perfect the first time)


How we made it work

  • If you already have one, with even a few people using it - don't kill it, build on it!
  • Redesign can help + "a bit" of info architecture
  • Wiki Gardening! together and separately
  • Focus on "collaboration" not "publishing", folksonomy (+search) not taxonomy
  • If a good exchange has happened elsewhere (IRC, email) suggest a wiki entry as a result
  • Keep it as open as possible - we have public/private distinction, but after that try not to create too many internal groups

Is wiki always the way? NO

  • Very small groups/locations - a binder may make a ton more sense
  • Non-volatile information - may not be the best way to handle official policy docs you don't want edited

Thanks! Questions?

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