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Bibliography, References, Worked Cited Section

[French: Bibliographie]

This section should be marked up using list elements. Unordered lists are appropriate for traditional print bibliographies, as the alphabetization of entries does not infer sequential order (i.e. the bibliography can be reverse sorted without losing meaning).

To facilitate navigating a bibliography, use nested lists to enclose alphabetically- and numerically-related entries.

The use of lists is recommended as it simplifies navigation by users of assistive technologies. Not only does it speed up the movement through entries, but the position within the list can be announced, allowing the reader to quickly return to the same spot again later, if needed.

If you have any questions, check the archive below, if still not clear, post your question on the Production Q&A

Q&A Archive

Q: Do we check to make sure the links of all the active URLs in bibliographies work? (Example: Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah)

A: Good question! Yes, we have to make sure all the links work.

Q: Two part question about the bibliography/reference list for the book There's Something in the Water:

1. For bibliographies, should entries only be nested if they have both the exact same author and date, or should all subsequent entries under the same author (not necessarily same date) be nested under the first author entry, with same-date entries then further nested?

2. In the original when there are subsequent citations with the same author, the first citation has the name information written out, while further entries have the name replaced with an underline/underscores. I'm not sure how this would come out in the readers, so should I keep the underscores or replace the underscores with the written names?

A: Great questions! 1) You can nest the same author, but not need to nest the same date. 2) you can keep it as is.

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