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Download the File from CyberDuck

The next step is to get the documents for the project!

All the documents exist in CyberDuck. Each project has the original publisher file (PDF, EPUB, or AZW3) along with the converted word document. You use the word document for reformatting and the original publisher file for reference (heading structure, blockquotes, textboxes, etc.)

To download project files:

  • Open Cyberduck on your computer and login
  • Open nnels-data-preprod
  • Go to the Unedited folder
  • Locate the needed files (there should be one publisher file and one converted text document)
  • Right click the file to open the dropdown menu
  • Select Download to and download to a folder on your computer

Here is a quick tutorial that shows you how to Download from CyberDuck.

Books for DAISY Audio conversion can be either be found in the Audible folder in Unedited or there will be a note in the ticket to use Sideload a Book feature. See Sideload a Book on the MP3 to DAISY wiki.

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