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New In NNELS Tweets

#NewInNNELS is the hashtag we use when we talk about new books that have been added to the repository.

They consist of a chain of tweets: an intro tweet, a few tweets on individual books (3-5), and a conclusion tweet (examples below). The tweets are generally written by the production assistants, and will be emailed to the social media coordinator.

Once you are finished a title, please include the draft tweet in a comment in the RT ticket.

The Tweet should include the following:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Short description of book and its audience, or some factoid or comment that might intrigue a reader
  • Mention if it is an award winning or nominated book (optional - only if there is space)
  • Link to the record in the collection
  • The file format in a hashtag:, i.e, #EPUB #MP3 #DAISY (you might need to take a look at the record in the repository if
  • The hashtags: #NewInNNELS, and #a11y


The Unteachables by Gordon Kormon is a middle-grade novel about the class of misfits in room 117 and the mayhem and redemption they experience!

Alfabet/Alphabet by Sadiqa de Meijer spotlights the subtle implications of language in the migrant experience as the author reflects on her own transition from Dutch to English when she came to Canada as a child.

Sulphurtongue by Rebecca Salazar is a collection of #Poetry that touches on themes of place, identity, language, gender, religion, and ecology, all with the enduring importance of kinship at its heart.

it was never going to be okay by jaye simpson. This book of #Poetry and prose from an “Indigiqueer writer and activist” boldly storms through themes of intergenerational trauma, the complexities of queer identity, and healing.

Blade of the Poisoner by Douglas Hill. Jarral and his companions journey to the Poisoner’s lair to rid him of a curse that will kill him when the next full moon rises. Adventure and the discovery of hidden talents await!

Got to #NewInNNELS to see all the past tweets for more examples

Remember to keep the draft text as short as possible. The Project Coordinator will add the link to the title as it does not exist until after publication.

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