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Introduction to Accessible EPUB3

Under Construction

In our work, we take inaccessible books and reformat them in Word based on the standards and guidelines in this wiki. Most of this workflow is done in MS Word, and when you have successfully reformatted a title the Production Coordinator converts that title to an EPUB3 using the Word2EPUB app by DAISY.

On this page you will learn about EPUB3 as the newest standard in accessible reading. This page includes introductory resources to understanding the code within an EPUB3 and how it is accessible.

In your role as a Production Assistant you will not be working with the code of the book, but the formatting you apply to the Word document is converted into accessible code. This page is created to help you understand that process. If you want to learn more about how to build an accessible book through coding, please contact the Production Coordinator with all and any of your questions! You are here to learn!

Sigil: EPUB-Checker: Ace by DAISY - Desktop GUI: eCanCrusher by Rorohiko: Thorium (any version, but the desktop would be best for the workshop):

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