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Human Narration: Image Descriptions

NNELS creates Human Narrated Audiobooks on demand for Patron Requests. As a Production Assistant you will be assigned to write image descriptions for the narrators.

The same guidelines for how to write Image Descriptions applies to Human Narration. To learn more about how to write Image Descriptions go to the Images: Alt-text and Image Description section on the wiki.

We do not do traditional long descriptions for Human Narration. If you have a complex description, simply write the entire description below the image and use narrative style (i.e. no special formatting such as tables.)

Tickets for titles will be in the NNELS Narration queue, and will be assigned to you by the Production Coordinator.

The ticket will include a comment with the following information:

  • number of images
  • complexity of images
  • deadline for descriptions

Each assigned title will have two documents:

  1. Original Ebook for reference (for context)
  2. Word Doc with images

These files will be uploaded to a folder in the Unedited section of Cyberduck titled: Narration Images.

You do not insert the Image Description in the Alt-text box. Simply enter the description below the image under the provided heading. This also goes with any long descriptions.
Begin each description with the phrase: BEGIN IMAGE DESCRIPTION and end each description with the phrase: END IMAGE DESCRIPTION

Once you are finished, follow the same naming protocol as with full production titles, upload the completed file to the edited folder, and pass the ticket back to the Production Coordinator.

You do not have to leave a comment when you pass it back unless you found a particular image challenging and want the Production Coordinator to pay extra attention (Spoiler: They proof read and copy edit everything you write, but it can be helpful for them to know you were struggling somewhere.)

If you have any questions, please ask!

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