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Communication Guidelines for PA's and Supervisor

This page summarizes the communication guidelines for Production Assistants (PA's) and the Supervisor (Production Coordinator.) Please see Job Outline and Expectations for details around workflow expectations.

During training, the Production Coordinator will conduct regular checkins with the Production Assistant to see how production work for a specific title is going. This can include direct emails, or messages within RT.

Along with this wiki, the Production Coordinator will also arrange additional support via email, phone, or video chat throughout the training process.

This additional support will last the first 2 months of employment, after which the employee will be expected to work more independently.

After training is complete, the Production Assistant will continue to make regular check-ins on progress. This will include direct comments in the RT ticket of a book to see how progress is coming, general emails to check in on overall performance, as well as biweekly one-on-one Zoom meetings to allow the opportunity for employees to communicate with questions or concerns directly with the Supervisor. These meetings are generally 30 minutes long, but can go shorter or longer depending on the needs of the Production Assistant at that time.

If there are special circumstances, such as death in the family, or illness, the employee can contact the Production Coordinator directly via email to discuss how this will impact their workflow.

The Production Coordinator can also make time for zoom calls depending on the nature of the situation. This will only occur if the nature of the question or issue requires this additional support.

The wiki is designed to document every aspect of your work in reformatting a title for accessibility. If there is ever anything that is missing, please email the Production Coordinator know so they can amend it. If there is anything that needs clarification, please post on the Q&A. See below for more details.

Modes of Communication for Production Assistants

RT is used for communication about:

  • file issues
  • feedback from Production Coordinator
  • questions relating directly to feedback
  • notes on language, or other special features you feel needs attention
  • Draft tweets for highlighting the book on the NNELS Twitter
All communication through RT is posted through the comment function. Never send it through the reply function, as that sends it to the patron. See Uploading Finished File and Passing Back RT Ticket more information.

Q&A is used for communications about:

  • Formatting
  • Clarification on wiki documentation
  • Workflow
All production related questions are to be posted in the Q&A section of the wiki.

All Alt-text related questions are to be posted in the Alt-text Q&A section of the wiki.

If you have any doubt on how to do something, post a question on the Q&A for clarification. This saves time and helps other PA's who may have the same question.

Emails are only used for communication about:

  • Administration (meetings, payroll, etc.)
  • Personal issues that impact performance (illness, family crisis, etc.)
  • Special Projects
The Production Coordinator will send out emails for every wiki update, as well as any changes in production workflow. Please reply to each email to let the Production Coordinator know you read and understood the updates. As this is a remote position, we need to be direct and concise with our written communications.

Discord is for direct communication between staff (note the Production Coordinator is a moderator). The Production Coordinator will add you to the group. This is not a replacement for the Q&A or the wiki, but a place to talk out more nuanced issues and ideas. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Help with how to describe a tricky image. We all get stuck on something! Sometimes it can even be something simple, but our brains get a little stuck. This is a great time to bounce ideas and get suggestions from each other!
  • Tips and Tricks on using Word. Learned a new short cut? Feel like a task is taking you too long, and are curious if others have a workaround? Great way to develop skills together!
  • Discussing a cool book. Maybe you are working on a really cool book, and you want to share it with the group!
  • Work/Life balance. How to not overthink and take good breaks.
Discord is new to the team. We have used other similar platforms in the past, and where not as successful. We are hoping you guys can use this to support one another. If you have an idea for a topic, you can add it to the above list, and to the Discord group. Make it your own!
The Production Coordinator will be monitoring the channels to help out when needed, and taking note of anything that would be good to add to the wiki. Please still use the Q&A for your questions about production and the wiki. This is so other PA's can see those answers quickly and easily, and they don't get lost on Discord.

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