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General Workflow

It is advisable to have at least two people working on a comic. This will help strengthen your descriptions through editing, and help with any writing fatigue. Describing comics can be very tricky, and having someone help you catch your mistakes, or help out with a difficult image, is always a benefit.

This area of the wiki has be created to help you along the way, and please don't forget to check out the Resources page.

The general rule is to write five pages, pass it to your partner, who will then edit those pages and write five more. We recommend creating a shared folder for ease of sharing drafts. Google Docs and Dropbox are two great options.

Name each draft as follows:

Title_of_Comic_pp 1-5_YourLastName (for the first draft)

Title_of_Comic_Edited pp 1-5_pp 6-10_YourLastName (For all following drafts)

Remember: you can change your workflow to suit you and your partner. These guidelines were put together to help you work better, and support each other to make the best Described Comic possible.

On how to set up your pages and panels, please refer to Sections

Good luck and have fun!!

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