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Taking Tickets (Book Requests)

The first step is to take a ticket for a title from RT where we track all the requests and production projects in house. NNELS uses open-source software called RT (Request Tracker) to manage requests for books. Once you own a ticket, you will keep it until you are finished with the title.

To take a book request:

  • Review the list of books in the NNELS Production Queue- look for books that have Nobody in particular as an owner
  • Sort the requests by priority by clicking on Priority. Take tickets in following order:
    • Urgent
    • High (note that these can have shifting priorities.)
    • Medium
    • Low
  • Take the ticket:
    • Open the ticket
    • Go to the Actions drop-down menu
    • Click on Take
    • You are now the proud owner of the ticket!

Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to Take a Ticket Request.

If there is a ticket set to Urgent then that always takes priority, even if you are currently working on another lower priority ticket. Make sure you check the queue on a regular basis as titles are added. Sometimes the Production Coordinator will assign tickets directly to you as well.
Check to see if the ticket is for DAISY Audio conversion, as this requires a different workflow for RT and conversion. It is expected for you to do one a week as needed. See below for more details.
The workflow for tickets for Human Narration Image Descriptions is different from this documentation. The Production Coordinator will assign you the tickets for these projects based on your workload and project priority.
Productions Assistants should not exceed a maxim of 3 tickets at any given time. Some exceptions may apply with special projects to be discussed with the Production Coordinator. See Job Outline and Expectations documentation for more information.

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