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Reformatting Work Checklist

On this page you will find a basic checklist for the overall workflow for reformatting a book.

Note this is just a general overview, not everything on this list will be something that exists in the book you are working on, and there could be items missing from this list. Remember to check over the main wiki page for all the book sections. If there is something that is unclear or missing please post it on the Production Q&A page.
After you have completed your work, you can run the built in Accessibility Checker for MS Word. This can help you find any mistakes you may have made. Be aware: it flags somethings are wrong, when they are correct, and does not catch all the issues. It is fairly robust, and can assist you as a final check before you pass a ticket back for review. Here is a quick demo on How to Use the Accessibility Checker in MS Word. If you have any questions, ask in the Production Q&A!
Spacing is also important for accessibility. Ensure that you remove:
  • TAB characters used to provide indentation
  • Multiple Paragraph ‘Return’ characters (¶) used to provide spacing between paragraphs
  • Newline breaks (↵)
  • Multiple SPACE characters

If any of this exists in the document, then it is not properly formatted with styles. You will need to remove these spaces. See Find & Replace for more instructions.

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