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Uploading Finished File and Passing Back RT Ticket

After you are happy with your work and have gone through all the steps for reformatting, you need to upload the files to CyberDuck and pass the ticket to the Production Coordinator. You can check out our Reformatting Checklist for a quick view of what you need to do for each book.

If you are converting an MP3 to DAISY Audio you do not download the finished project off of Converter Plus. See Exporting and Passing to QA for instructions on what to do with a finished DAISY Audio file.

Once you’ve completed reformatting a document:

  • Login into CyberDuck
  • Open nnels-data-preprod
  • Upload the finished word document to the Edited folder
  • If there are Image Descriptions, upload the Alt-text document to the shared folder
  • Delete the publisher file from your computer
Remember to rename your file before uploading it to Cyberduck. Standard naming convention is the book title, and your last name with underscores instead of spaces. Title_of_Book_Yourlastname
If you are re-uploading a document you have made revisions to, ensure there’s only one (the most recent) version of your edited doc in the Edited folder. You can delete the older version before uploading the newest version. Please see How Replace a Revised Document in CyberDuck for more information.

To pass the ticket to the Production Coordinator:

  • Open the ticket for your project
  • Enter the time (in minutes) you worked on the book in the Time Worked field in RT. You will find this in the ticket's Basics tab. The default should already be Minutes.
  • Go to Actions drop down menu on the top left navigational menu for the ticket.
  • Select Comment
  • Enter the comment into the comment field, and cc the person you want the comment to go to (this is not needed, but will ensure the comment goes into their inbox and can help ensure they see it.) Comments include any information you want the Production Coordinator to know about the title, including:
    • If there was Alt-text, a note stating: Alt-text doc uploaded to shared folder
    • Page numbers: Yes/No
    • Languages: any languages in text
    • Tweet: every title needs a tweet. You can learn more at Writing Tweets for Finished Titles
    • Anything you want the Production Coordinator to pay special attention to.
  • Change the owner to Production Coordinator
  • Select Update Ticket

Here is a quick tutorial on How to Pass RT Ticket

If there are any needed changes to the project, the Project Coordinator will pass you back the ticket with a comment that includes all your feedback. All communication on feedback occurs within the RT Ticket.
Never reply on a ticket. Replies go to the patron, and we don't need to confuse them with our internal dialogue about the book.

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