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In-Text Citations and References

An in-text citation is the brief form of the reference that is found within the body text of a book. It gives enough information to uniquely identify the source in the reference list for that title. The brief form usually consists of: family name of the author(s), and year of publication within parentheses. For example: (Brochu, 2018)

An in-text reference can refer the reader to another page or book section within the same book for further reading. It usually consists of the page number, or the section name within parentheses. For example: (pg. 120) or (see Chapter 1).

In both cases these are formatted as Normal style.

If there is a reference to another page in the book we do one of the following:
  • If it is linked, confirm the link works (if not proceed to next option)
  • If it is not linked, and we are not retaining page numbers, replace the page number with the heading of section that page belongs to

We rarely keep page numbers, when in doubt post a question on the Production Q&A page

If you have any questions, post your question on the Production Q&A
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