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Columns are rarely used when reformatting a book. In most cases the information can be understood as a list or a table. If this is the case we should avoid using columns, since in those cases it is just for visual aesthetics and does not add anything to the navigation of the document.

If we decide to retain columns, use the Columns tool for formatting so that screen readers can read the information properly.

  • Avoid using spaces, line breaks, and tabs to create the illusion of columns or tables. This will cause the screenreader to read a column or table from left to right, instead of in the correct order (first going down one column and then moving to the top of the next column). The relationships between intended headers and data is lost.
  • If the text in one column is short and does not fill the whole length of the column, then add a column break to start a new column (rather than ‘carriage return’ ¶ paragraph marks).

If you have any questions, check the archive below, if still not clear, post your question on the Production Q&A

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