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We retain all hyperlinks as they appear in the original ebook.

We only remove hyperlinks for indexes with page number (unless, in the rare case, we have print page number breaks in the document).

You will need to check to make sure the link works. Simply click on the link to make sure it opens to an active and correct webpage.

If it does not link properly you will have to edit the link.

To edit a hyperlink:

  • Right click on the link to open the menu
  • Select Hyperlink > Edit Hyperlink
  • This will open a new window
  • Make sure there correct URL is in the Address box under the Web Page or File tab
If the original ebook does not have a hyperlink then you do not need to add one. We are not editors, so we don't have to add any links if they were not originally there.

Creating Meaningful Display Text for Hyperlinks

To make a hyperlink accessible, you need to ensure that the display text is meaningful, clear, and direct. We want to remove all the text from a link. It is very annoying for a screen reader to read out all those letters and dashes. We also want to avoid terms like here or click here as they hold no meaning to someone using a screenreader. Click where? We need to use meaningful text, for example NNELS Website

To edit existing Hyperlink Display Text:

  • Select the hyperlink text
  • Right click to open the menu
  • Select Hyperlink and select Edit Hyperlink or select Edit Hyperlink depending if you use Mac or Windows
  • This will open the Hyperlink dialogue box
  • At the top of the window is a textbox labelled: Text to Display
  • Enter updated display text.

Dealing with Broken Links

If you come across a broken links you need to do your best to fix it by either finding the new URL or linking to the archived site or page using The Way Back Machine

If all that fails:

  • remove link from text
  • add a note in brackets after the link. (e.g. [Producer's note: This webpage no longer exist]

We still receive patron requests for DAISY books. If it is a DAISY request you will remove all links.

If the Request is for DAISY there will be a note within the ticket of the title.

Hyperlinks must be removed, or unlinked, for conversion to DAISY. The URL text without the links can be retained.

Even after following the instructions below, links can sometimes be oddly persistent. Be sure to hover over each URL you see to make sure that it is not still a hyperlink - even if the text is "Normal" Style and not blue, the link may still be hiding.

in Word

  1. Ctrl+A to select all text
  2. Ctrl+shift+F9 to remove all hyperlinks

in Word for Mac

  1. Cmd+A to select all text
  2. Cmd+6 to remove hyperlinks (may need to adjust text colour if it stays blue)
If you have any questions, check the archive below, if still not clear, post your question on the Production Q&A

Q&A Archive

Q: I have a question about hyperlinks. In the book I'm working on (The Next Big Thing), there are quite a few links to websites and I've been checking each one, as per the wiki instructions. I came across one though where the link works, and it does take you to a working website but it's clearly not the one the author intended. The website link is but the site has nothing to do with nanotech, it's basically a huge ad for penis enlargement devices (so, very spammy). Should I leave the link alone since it works even if it isn't working as intended?

A: That is an uncomfortable find. In this case I would just remove the link, we don't want our patron to get spam on his computer.

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